From IPE: Ten Tips for Paralegals on Slaying Stress and Surviving

Ten Tips for Paralegals on Slaying Stress and Surviving
guest author: Jamie Collins

Survival is defined as “the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.” But as a busy litigation paralegal, I’m here to tell you that the words “attorneys, deadlines, and utterly ridiculous expectations” must be added to the tail end of that for it to ring true for us, the legal gladiators. Yep. The ones rocking those black power suits, looking outwardly calm, while inwardly wanting to kill people. You don’t have to work in the legal trenches long before you find yourself cloaked in panic and plagued by uncertainty, suddenly feeling compelled to make your lunch reservation for the day under the pseudonym: “Crazy Paralegal – Party of One.” That’s you. Truth is, that’s me on most days, too. In honor of the craziness that comes standard with the paralegal gig, I felt compelled to share these 10 simple tips for slaying stress and surviving the crazy. Oh, to heck with just surviving – let’s thrive, instead! Here goes:

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