From IPE: Preparing Witnesses for Deposition and Trial

Preparing Witnesses for Deposition and Trial

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Guest author: Marilyn Stacey

Complex litigation paralegals are the liaisons between clients, witnesses, and the potentially intimidating world of the live courtroom. It’s our responsibility to make sure that our client’s story is told honestly and convincingly. We must identify the best witnesses, present them with the best evidence, and give them everything they need to tell our client’s story to its factual, persuasive best.

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Marilyn Stacey is a litigation paralegal at Ball Janik LLP, with over 20 years of complex litigation experience, including insurance coverage, environmental, construction defect, employment litigation, asbestos, and clergy abuse cases. She handles all aspects of a case from initial client contact to trial preparation and participation, and considers her role similar to that of a line producer on a film – first in, last out, and responsible for everything in between. Ms. Stacey graduated, cum laude, from Occidental College, Los Angeles. She has been a member of the Oregon Paralegal Association and the Portland Paralegal Master’s Group, and has lectured at Portland State University paralegal classes.

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