Free Webinar: 3 Ways to Advance Your Paralegal Career

Please see the information below, this webinar is by Ann Pearson, the founder of PRM Education Group and is the Director of Training for the Paralegal Boot Camp. Ann generously allowed me to share this info/link with my readers. You can visit her website at

3 Ways to Advance Your Paralegal Career

Webinar Overview

Over the past 22 years, I’ve met and talked with thousands of paralegals in different stages of their career. A couple years ago, I set out to try to figure out what it was that separated the successful paralegals from the ones who struggled.  What I learned might surprise you.  And no, it had nothing to do with where they got their paralegal certificate!

Because this was a free webinar, seats were limited, but now the recording is available. If you’d like to view the recording, CLICK HERE.  Or you can copy and paste this URL into any web browser to receive the recording:

After you’ve watched it, shoot me an email and let me know what it was that advanced your paralegal career.
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