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Have you ever wished you could cherry-pick the best advice and practice tips from your favorite James Publishing books, and gather those materials into one handy resource? We’ve done that work for you with our Discovery Sampler—a collection of discovery materials pulled from eight of our most popular titles: Building Trial Notebooks; Model Interrogatories; Litigating Employment Discrimination Cases; Deposing and Examining Doctors; Guerilla Discovery; Deposition Checklists and Strategies; Exposing Deceptive Defense Doctors; and Proving Damages to the Jury.

  • 660 pages
  • 29 forms
  • Instantly accessible via a link to download Microsoft Word files
Price: free

Techniques for More Efficient and Productive Discovery

The Discovery Sampler covers discovery basics in civil cases; work product issues; damages; and techniques for effective written discovery and depositions in personal injury, motor vehicle accident, breach of contract, and employment discrimination cases.  Some of the highlights include:

Practice-tested, how-to advice and strategies:

  • Setting up damages issues with requests for admission;
  • Maximizing video depositions for impeachment;
  • Using technology to your advantage during the DME’s deposition; and
  • Creating and using time-saving deposition checklists as building blocks.

Proven tips for streamlining your discovery practice:

  • 3 elements to include in every notice of taking the deposition of an organization;
  • 5 items to include in your standard subpoena to create a 21st century, advanced strength, subpoena duces tecum to serve on adverse experts;
  • 9 tips and tactics for compelling a nonparty to produce documents;
  • 10 ways to save on deposition expenses (and still gain advantages to your side);
  • 23 categories of questions for the defendant-driver in a motor vehicle liability deposition;
  • 31 categories of deposition questions for the defendant’s accounting expert in a breach of contract case; and
  • 38 categories of questions for preparing interrogatories related to the facts surrounding the accident in a vehicular negligence case.

This is a free digital book. It is instantly accessible via a link to download Microsoft Word files.

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