Attention NALA CPs: Apply for Opportunity for a FREE NALA ACP through Review Program

I just received this e-mail from NALA and I wanted to share it just in case you missed this fantastic opportunity to do a FREE NALA ACP!!! Who knows how long this opportunity will go on for so apply NOW. It only takes a few minutes…..


The APC Certification Board would like to hear from Certified Paralegals who may be interested in serving as reviewers of existing Advanced Paralegal Certification courses.  Reviewers will be asked to provide feedback, suggestions and updates to course material as appropriate. Through this program, Certified Paralegals selected to serve as reviewers through an application process will be provided a login to an APC course at no cost.

Certified Paralegals participating in this program may received an ACP credential, and 20 hours of CLE, upon completion of the review, provided:

  • The Certified Paralegal credential is current.
  • All course requirements are completed including the learning contract, course exercises, module tests, and the statement of completion.
  • The review form is completed. This form asks specific questions about the course content, items that need to be deleted or updated, suggestions for future topics within the course modules, etc.

To qualify, Certified Paralegals must have:

  • Current Certified Paralegal credential.
  • 5 years of experience in the specific practice area.

Certified Paralegals who already have an ACP credential in a subject area may participate as reviewers in that subject area. While the credential has already been awarded, the Certified Paralegal is eligible to receive 20 hours of CLE credit toward maintenance of the Certified Paralegal credential.

If you are interested, please contact NALA Headquarters or complete the application found at this link.

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