Florida E-Service Begins September 30, 2013

From the Leon County Clerks Newsletter:

On September 30, 2013, e-service that is compliant with Rule 2.516 will be available to attorneys on the portal.

You’re already accustomed to these tabs: Case Information; Parties; Documents; Payment; and Review & Submit. On September 30, you’ll see a new tab right after the Documents tab, “Service List”. On this tab, you’ll see attorneys who have filed at least one document on this case electronically, so that you can select them for service. This area will reflect all email addresses they have listed and the portal will serve them with your efiled documents if you select them for service. You will also have the ability to add other attorneys and interested parties for e-service; only you will see these additions and only you will be able to delete them.

Those receiving service will see these choices in the email whose content follows the requirements of Rule 2.516, and will have a pdf attachment of the document efiled. Also on this tab you can select whether to use your profile email address, or you can select “below listed email addresses” and add up to three email addresses per case.

Thank you to Kris Kadlac for forwarding this information.