Florida Bar News: Are you a Florida e-filing portal pro?

April 1, 2018 

By Carolyn Weber

Florida E-Filing Portal Program Manager

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Carolyn reminds us of some important tips regarding the Florida e-filing portal:

• Black & White Is Best – The portal’s favorite colors are black and white, so check before you submit a file. If you try to submit a document in color, it’ll bounce to the Correction Queue for replacement.

• Stop Scanning – Scanning your document makes it unnecessarily huge and not searchable. Instead, computer generate it and save as a PDF or PDF/A for a smaller file that keeps your links and bookmarks.

She also reminds us of some recent updates, including:

• Update e-serving lists in bulk instead of one case at a time.

• See all fees broken down by payment method, filing ID, style of case, matter number, and more.

• Save your submission as a draft for up to five days with the new Workbench tool.

• Add people you often work with to your E-Service Favorites list, instead of searching and entering manually for each case.

Finally, there are some even more exciting changes in the works:

Soon, you’ll be able to file documents to multiple cases all in the same submission. We’ll also quit asking for the number of pages in each file, because we know it’s annoying.


One comment

  • I will continue to scan my documents for 2 reasons. First, scanning removes the metadata without my having to do it on my own. Second, I can make it searchable, and it takes less than a few seconds to do it.

    My big pet peeve is people who don’t remove their name from the e-service list once they are no longer involved in the case. It’s not hard to do.

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