Florida Bar Dues – how to check your status (and remember to pay)

Go to : https://www.floridabar.org/FBWeb/fma.nsf/OpenFeesPayment?OpenAgent&Login

Login with your bar number and password


Once you have logged in, you will see that you have either paid or that you still owe.

If you have paid, a message will be displayed that says something along these lines: “Our records show that you have already paid your 2014 – 2015 fees.”

If you have not paid, you will be displayed an invoice such as the one you see below. If your employer is paying for you, PLEASE make sure you calendar yourself a reminder to CHECK to ensure the payment has been processed. At least once or twice a year I hear from someone who thought their employer had paid but found out too late that they hadn’t. It is your responsibility to ensure that your FRP is paid, don’t rely on others – if someone else is paying on your behalf, follow up and make sure the payment has been received AND properly applied.

Also keep in mind it is your responsibility to keep updated information current with the Bar, if you haven’t received your invoice yet, they may not have your right information. Failure to update your contact info so you can receive your invoice isn’t an excuse for failure to pay. So, take a moment to check that your mailing information is current!


FEES ARE DUE AND PAYABLE JULY 1, 2014 Late after August 15, 2014

You must submit the $150.00 renewal fee in order for your registration to be processed.

Fees received after 8-15-2014 are assessed a $40.00 late charge.

If no fee is received by 9-30-2014 your Florida Registered Paralegal status will be revoked.

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