Florida Bar Adds Mandatory Legal Professionalism Course

As a larger change to CLE requirements for attorneys (and likely impacting FRP as well), they have also added a mandatory free two hour legal professionalism course that is being produced by The Florida Bar.

You can read the full article HERE.

Main points:

  • The order also adds a new requirement that Bar members complete a free “two-hour legal professionalism course produced by The Florida Bar and approved by this Court,” something the special committee recommended.
  • The order also grants a grace period. For any Bar member who has less than three months remaining in a reporting cycle when the amendments take effect, “the requirement to take the two-hour, Bar-produced course on professionalism will not apply until the member’s subsequent reporting cycle.”
  • That means, “lawyers who have a CLE reporting cycle that ends January 31, February 28, or March 31, will not have to have that Bar-produced course in the current cycle,” Hill said.
  • The rest should mark April 30 on their calendar, Hill said.
  • “Beginning April 30th, all Bar members with CLE reporting cycles of April 30th and beyond will have to take the new two-hour course,” he said.
  • Hill said the Bar’s Center for Professionalism expects to have a course developed before the end of the year.
  • The Bar is planning an aggressive member awareness campaign, Hill said.

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