Fast Tip from the Litigation Support Guru – Create Subfolders Using Excel Macro

Litigation Support Guru Amy Bowser-Rollins has a fantastic website that you should check out, one of the many amazing resources she provides is “Fast Tip Friday” where she shares really awesome quickie tips on things you didn’t even know you wanted and needed to know how to do!

Now, even if you are not in “litigation support” the tips and information Amy shares is really valuable and much of it you can put to use in your plain ole’ paralegal job.

Have you ever needed to add the same subfolder to a bunch of existing folders? For instance, let’s say you have a list of folders that are named by custodian and you need to add an Exhibits subfolder to each and every custodian folder. In this fast tip, Amy teaches how to create subfolders using excel macro.

This short video shows you exactly how to do it, and you can look below the video for the necessary sample files.

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