FAPA Florida Paralegal Salary Survey Results 2012 and 2010

Just in case you aren’t on one of the various mailing lists that received notice of this survey, FAPA’s Florida Paralegal Salary Survey results for 2012 are complete and available for review. 989 paralegals, legal assistants and legal support staff participated this year.  Please click on the links below, or copy and paste in a browser window to download your copy of the results.

They had 825 complete and 164 partial responses and responses in 19 of 20 judicial districts of Florida. You can also compare to the 2010 results which have been reformatted to make comparison easier.

2012:  http://www.fapainc.org/Resources/Documents/2012SalarySurveyFinal.pdf
Revised 2010: http://www.fapainc.org/Resources/Documents/2010SalarySurveyFinal-rev12-8-12.pdf

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