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If you are an employer, you know how costly it can be to place a job posting…  You’ll spend $300+ on Monster, $400+ on Career Builder just to name two of the most popular sources… and recruiters… you know how that goes…  sure, you can pay $25 to post on Craigslist, but.. really…? Whether you are using ALL of these options, or none of them, you have nothing to lose – my website is completely 100% free for users AND employers.

These are my requirements:

  • You must be authorized to make the job posting (ie you are the actual administrator, an attorney at the firm, a paralegal at the firm etc… not “my third cousins friends neighbors lawyer might be looking for a file clerk”)
  • Job must be legitimate – don’t send me any “work from home stuffing envelopes” kind of jobs.
  • Job must be in the legal field, either a law office, inhouse counsel, etc.
  • Job can be any level from file clerk or receptionist, legal secretary, legal writer, junior paralegal, senior paralegal, etc.
  • Posting must include an e-mail address OR fax number where people can send their resumes.
  • Posting must include all details you want prospective employees to know – including experience or education requirement, special skills, specific work hours, etc etc. You don’t have any word count limits here, so feel free to be specific.

This is the process:

  • You send me an email (lmcfrp@gmail.com) with all of the details you want to include. If you advertised the job on Career Builder, Monster or anywhere else, you can use the same language but make sure you let me know what e-mail address or fax numbers resumes should go to.
  • I will post the position and send you a link to the posting for confirmation.
  • Once the position has been filled, feel free to let me know so I can update the posting to reflect that it has been filled.


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