Employer (E) v. Recruiter (R) Job Postings (and Fees?)

I know that it is important to some of you to know in advance whether a job opening is listed through a recruiter or an employer directly.

Usually, if the job information is coming from the employer directly I will include the employers name in the post title, so it should be pretty clear. If there is an employers name, the job isn’t going to be through a recruiter because recruiters won’t disclose the name – it kind of defeats the purpose.

I will also start including an (E) or (R) in job post titles to indicate employer or recruiter whenever possible.

Also – just so that we are clear – I do not receive commissions, referral fees or kick backs from recruiters when you apply to a job that I post on my website. I have never received a commission, referral fee or kick back from any recruiter but numerous people from my website have been placed in jobs. I do ask that you let recruiters OR employers know that you heard about the job from me or from my website simply to aid in building my network and help spread the word about the website.

There are benefits to working with a recruiter when you get a good one. Obviously you need to have someone who is ethical, confidential, and won’t put you at risk to make a commission. If you are looking for a recruiter to work with in your career search, feel free to contact me and I can give you a good referral.

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