A super exciting opportunity with Facebook – Perfectly Paralegal Elite

Some of you know that a few months ago I was approached by Facebook and invited to participate in the beta testing of a brand new concept….. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes and our new project with Facebook launched on Friday…. Facebook is in the process of launching subscription communities and Perfectly Paralegal was chosen to participate in the first round of beta testing which includes only 22 other groups on all of Facebook… 1 of 22 in all. of. Facebook. How AMAZING is that??

Perfectly Paralegal Elite is a subscription community which lives within our main Perfectly Paralegal Group. Nothing about our existing group is changing. It will still feature all of the amazing benefits you are used to.

Not a member of Perfectly Paralegal? Join today, here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PerfectlyParalegal/

You DON’T need to be currently working as a paralegal to join Perfectly Paralegal or Perfectly Paralegal Elite – all legal support superstars are welcome, including students.

So what’s the difference? Perfectly Paralegal Elite is a smaller and more focused community that will provide extra benefits for it’s members:

Here are just a few of the benefits Perfectly Paralegal Elite members will receive each month:

♥️ Each month we will feature a brand new CLE on fresh and relevant topics packed with superstar paralegal knowledge to help you stay Perfectly Paralegal. (CLE will be 1.0 minimum but some months may be 1.5 or 2.0)

P.S. I know that not every topic will apply to every person, so you’ll be able to choose from that months CLE *OR* another CLE of your choice from a select list. This way, you’ll have a couple of choices.

P.P.S. You have to redeem your CLE coupon during the month it is offered, but once you redeem it the CLE is yours forever, no rush to start it or complete it.

♥️ Weekly live chats, Q&A sessions and mini training tutorials will allow us to focus on areas of development to supercharge your paralegal career.

♥️ Resources, tips and tricks will help you master efficiency to get more done in less time and unleash your superstar paralegal powers.

♥️ Guest experts in different fields to provide amazing resources JUST FOR YOU!

♥️ Extra special bonuses such as resume review, LinkedIn profile review and more.

To learn more, simply pop into Perfectly Paralegal facebook group and look for the ELITE announcement and click the Join Group button to learn more….


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