Eddy – iPad App for K-12 Students

Check out a great new k-12 education resource for my friends with kids. This app is from my friend Bill Roach of ExhibitView Solutions – a provider of excellent trial management solutions. Eddy™ is an iPad app for taking notes in class, organizing class files and making in class presentations. Using eddy™ will allow your students to systematically file assignments, take and keep notes, and stay organized in an electronic class-by-class binder system. Multiple file formats are no problem for eddy™ users, and getting items into eddy™ couldn’t be any more intuitive or easier!

Besides his powerful file management system, eddy™ also allows students to create dynamic presentations in today’s 21st Century Learning environments. eddy™ allows students to go beyond substituting one screen casting app for another and allows their imagination to re-define in-class presentations. eddy™’s presentation tools can encourage students to collaborate and develop public speaking, while providing a richer and deeper level of understanding of the material for all involved.

You can search for Eddy in the App Store or use this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/eddy/id915353394?ls=1&mt=8

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