E-Mails will Resume Next Week with some Changes

Hi everyone, e-mail subscribers will start receiving their e-mail newsletters again starting on Monday. You might have noticed that no e-mails went out this week – I’ve been working on the e-mail newsletter, doing some tweaking, changing the format just slightly etc…

Also, e-mails will now be going out 3x a week instead of 5x a week… so I’ll be sending them Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00 a.m.

Note: I post job openings, events and information on the blog as I receive them. As soon as an item is posted, it can be viewed on this site and is also posted to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – you can always follow me on one of those social media platforms to get the latest posts if you prefer not to subscribe to the newsletter or if your employer won’t let you.

Also, I noticed last week that a paralegal unsubscribed from the blog and this is the note that was left as the reason: “As an employer I do not mind educational materials being sent to ou staff, however job employment postings are inappropriate. If you can seperate the information you may only send educational information to our office paralegal”

Without getting into the reasons that this made me sad, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that you CAN subscribe to a newsletter that does not include job openings. You can change your subscription preferences at any time by clicking on the link at the very bottom of any e-mail you receive from me, you have these three choices:

1. Full Edition – includes ALL posts including job openings (sent three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays IF there is new information)

2. Job Free Edition – Includes ALL posts except job openings (sent twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays when there is new information)

Beginning Monday, this third choice will be available to benefit my many readers from other states:

3. National Edition – Includes ALL posts which are not FLORIDA specific (for example, you might receive tips & tricks to help you do your job, articles about paralegal issues in general or information about events that appeal to a national audience such as an annual conference or an online CLE, but not a CLE being held in person in Miami…). (sent once a week on Wednesdays IF there is new information)

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