Florida e-Filing Portal – Deletion of Accounts, e-SERVICE is almost here and upcoming FREE ONLINE CLE TRAINING

I’ve heard from a few people recently that “someone” did a mass removal of e-filing portal accounts that didn’t contain bar numbers to counteract a number of non attorney accounts that had been set up. Before I told you guys about this, I was trying to find some information right from the source to ensure it was accurate and since I was away at trial, I was a little delayed. This morning I spoke with a lovely individual from the office of the Florida Court Clerks & Comptrollers. She told me that during an upgrade done on August 17-18, accounts which did not contain a bar number were removed. This was a very small number of accounts – approximately 220 accounts out of over 50,000.

The prime issue was that administrator accounts had been set up by non-lawyers such as paralegals or office managers to manage the attorney accounts, but the administrator accounts had been used to file documents by a non lawyer. As I’m sure you all know, you must use the attorney account to file documents for the attorney. Essentially, people who hadn’t included a bar number were put on hold, not really deleted. Those individuals who were attorneys, simply had to have their bar number added to regain full access, those people who were administrators were simply updated so that they lost the access to actually file documents, but can still manage users, etc.  Most of the accounts have been resolved.

So, if your ATTORNEY has an account with no bar number and can no longer file documents, you may need to contact them to resolve it. If you have a non-lawyer ADMINISTRATOR account, you may notice that you can no longer file documents.

This lovely individual also let me know that they will be offering FREE training in September and October, the free training will be CLE eligible. You really can’t get much more updated and “expert” than right from the source!!!! As soon as I get the details about the free training, which as I said, will offer CLEs *AND* will be done ONLINE for convenience, I will let you know.

Also. if you haven’t already heard, e-service through the portal is almost here!!! You can read all about it in the Sept 1 edition of the Florida Bar News by clicking here.