E-Filing Palm Beach County – Issuance of Documents

The Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller’s office is developing functionality for the electronic issuance of documents (“eIssuance”). This functionality is expected to be available near the end of April 2013. Until this functionality is enabled, the following documents shall be manually submitted:

  • Summons

A.  eIssuance of Summons (late April 2013) – Upon electronic submission and payment of the summons, the Clerk will electronically sign and seal the summonses. Once issued, the summons will be electronically returned to the email address of the filer.

B.  There are two options for issuing a summons when a new case is eFiled:

i. Electronically submit the summons and pay the summons fee with the new case through the eFiling Portal. The Clerk will execute the electronically filed summons and provide a stamped copy either over the counter at any of our offices or will mail it back to the filer if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is submitted with the case number reference.

ii. After receipt of a case number on the electronically filed case, submit the summons in paper form, with payment of the summons fee, over the counter or via mail to the respective court department (with payment of the summons fee) and self-addressed postage paid envelopes.

  • Notice of Action
  • Certificate of Title
  • Writs (include check made payable to the sheriff)
  • Documents requiring the Clerk’s signature. These documents must be provided in paper form with the appropriate number of copies and self‐addressed, stamped envelopes for mailing to the parties.
  • Documents needing to be mailed by the Clerk’s office (for example, certified mailings in a delinquent tenant action) must be provided in paper form with the appropriate number of copies and self-addressed, stamped envelopes for mailing to the parties.

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