E-filing: Florida’s Portal Gets New Look

This message has already been received by anyone who is already registered with the Portal, but I wanted to make sure potential future users see it as well.

Dear E-Portal Users:

On Monday, August 19, 2013, the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal will have a new look. Filers will first go to a new homepage that provides a wealth of information about the portal, the Florida Courts E-Filing Authority, FAQS, Training information, links to the Twitter feed and other sites.

From the new homepage, a filer can navigate to the sign-on page where one can register or sign on to the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal. The portal log-in is the same as before, but once the filer logs on, a map is shown so the filer can select the county, or appellate court, in which he or she needs to file. There is still access to My Trial Court Filings or My Appellate Court Filings at the top of the page, right-hand side, if the filer is in need of viewing filing status rather than filing a document. For a preview, please click on this highlighted link to see the updates.