E-Filing FAQ – After eFiling, do I need to send follow-up copy to Broward County Clerks Office?

On the Portal and in the confirmation emails, you may see this message:

Please remember, rule 2.525, Rules of Judicial Administration, requires that any document filed electronically must be followed-up and filed with the Clerk as a paper document, with original signatures, during the first 90 days of eFiling. Some counties have completed the 90-day paper document follow-up period and other counties have received exemption from this rule. Please verify with the filing county as to their current paper document follow-up requirements.

Please note that Broward County is well outside of the first 90 days of eFiling. This 90 days refers to the CLERKS time of eFiling – not YOUR time of eFiling.

Please see the following FAQ from Broward’s Website:

Do I have to follow-up my eFiling with a paper filing?

Follow-up paper filing is not required for eFiling.  Certain documents have to be deposited in their original format,  such as Wills, Death Certificates, affidavits, deeds and mortgages.

You can see the Broward eFiling FAQs by CLICKING HERE

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