e-Filing Broward County: e-Filing Guides Including Filings over 25 MB and New Complaint Filings

At the August 7 Broward PAF meeting, the Broward Clerk provided two documents, an e-Filing Overview and an e-Filing Workshop.

Of particular interest are the instructions for transmitting a large file (a file that exceeds 25 megs) which states:

If you have a single pleading that totals more than 25 MB, you’ll need to transmit it in bundles. In the first transmission, select the document pleading type you were filing, e.g., complaint. After you submit and receive your reference number, submit the remaining material in a second efiling transmission. Select addendum as the document type and include a cover page that states “the following documents are a continuation of the [TITLE OF DOCUMENT] previous e-filing.

So, not submitting the document on CD as required by other counties, and, not submitting multiple parts in one transmission (ie, the total size for the ENTIRE upload cannot exceed 25 MB, not simply the size of each individual file being uploaded.)

The clerk also reminds us that complaints are to be filed ONLINE through the Portal with very few exceptions which includes TRUE emergencies. Also, if you have a legitimate error submitting the new filing through the portal, you can file a paper copy BUT you must INCLUDE a printed copy of the error message you received. So – not, just because your attorney doesn’t want to file it online… But the good news is that the backlog has pretty much been taken care of and we are on longer seeing the delays that we were originally seeing. My team most recently filed a complaint in Broward about a week ago and had everything back within 24 hours.

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