Dashlane Password Manager – 6 Months Premium for FREE

Hey guys, after my hacking fiasco last month, I had to really start getting creative with passwords and also enabling two factor authentication on basically everything. Now that my accounts are locked down so tight I practically need a polygraph to access my email, I decided I would start using a password manager. I checked with my friends in the tech sector and several told me they were using Dashlane, so, after also doing some independent research online, I settled on Dashlane as well.

Dashlane Premium – 6 Months Free

How does it work? Basically, when you first install it, it will go through your cookies etc and import all accounts it finds – this was kind of fun because it found some OLD accounts that I didn’t even remember that I had… You might need to do a little cleaning up when you first install it because it might pick up some duplicate accounts etc… It wasn’t too difficult and didn’t take much time at all…. You can also manually add accounts, or just add accounts as you go. When you sign into an account after it’s installed, if it doesn’t recognize the account, it will ask you if you want to add it…

With Dashlane Premium, you can install it across all your devices, phone, iPad, work computer, home computer etc and everything stays synced.  You can also store lots of other information such as credit cards for online shopping and also secure notes. Secure notes are great, I am using the secure notes for keeping track of work accounts that I don’t necessarily want to include in my main list of account logins, although you certainly could. I also made some secure notes for some other things including my car loan information.

There are lots of other benefits as well, for example, if a site you use is compromised, they will let you know so you can change your password.

Dashlane Premium is normally $39.99/year. If you are a new customer and you sign up using the link below, we both get 6 months free, no strings attached. Also, once you sign up, you can share your referral link and get 6 months free for everyone who signs up.

Dashlane Premium – 6 Months Free


  • Interesting, I’ve never heard of Dashlane. The two biggies in my world are 1Password and LastPass. I’ve been using LastPass for over 5 years and like you said, I love that LastPass has an iOS app. I also love that LastPass works across all of my browsers because I am so dependent on it now. Ha! My latest use case is sharing login credentials with my hubby or my virtual assistant and they don’t even need to know the password — it just logs them in automagically.

    Sorry you got hacked, Linda. It sucks.

  • lmcfrp

    Dashlane does all of those things as well :)… app, multiple browsers, login sharing etc… I read an article comparing the three (Dashlane, 1Password and LastPass) and went with Dashlane after reading the article and talking to several tech friends who have used Dashlane for a few years… I’m loving it… SO convenient.. I also like that you can make secure notes as well… so I have notes with my insurance info and other stuff so I have it handy in one place….

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