Fast Tip from the Litigation Support Guru – Convert Date-Time to Date-Only

Litigation Support Guru Amy Bowser-Rollins has a fantastic website that you should check out, one of the many amazing resources she provides is “Fast Tip Friday” where she shares really awesome quickie tips on things you didn’t even know you wanted and needed to know how to do!  You can subscribe to her newsletter here: subscribe. Now, even if you are not […]

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From NNA: When To Say ‘No’ … And When Refusing A Notarization Is Not Allowed

Most notarization requests are straight forward and within the law. But every so often you may be asked to do something that does not seem quite right. There might be an issue with the signer or the document. While you should comply with any lawful notarization request, knowing when you can — and cannot — say no can be tricky. […]

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From NNA: The Three Ways Notaries Can Properly Identify Signers

Properly verifying the identity of signers is one of a Notary’s core responsibilities and is instrumental in protecting the public against forgery. There are three major methods of identifying signers, each with its own set of guidelines, procedures and challenges. Method One: Identification Cards Method Two: Personal Knowledge Method Three: Credible Identifying Witnesses Click HERE to read the article and […]

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