Broward Family Law Practitioners – Take Note! Judge Tim Bailey Takes Over for Judge Luzzo

Thank you to my anonymous paralegal friend from Broward for providing todays tidbit of information:

Listen up ladies (and gents) who practice family law in Broward County. As you know we have lost a few of the ole favorites and now have new faces sitting on the bench. Let’s welcome Judge Tim Bailey in Division 41 taking over for John T. Luzzo. His procedures are available online at

Pay attention ladies (and gents)! Make sure you have your files in order to a capital ‘P’ for preparedness. Motion calendar starts promptly at 8:30 a.m. (throw back to the Rothschild days of life), by 8:45 a.m. you are late! Be mindful that he actually reads the motions. Hint – if you do an objection and it lacks sufficient grounds you will get sanctioned! His Judicial Assistant is a doll to work with and note from the procedures when you call for hearings and when you have to submit the dreaded written request. This is very exciting to have a Judge who’s first approach to the division is lets get work done.

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