Broward County Family Law Division 40 Update – Judge Merrilee Ehrlich

And some news for all you beloved family law paralegals.  Judge Merrilee Ehrlich is now in Division 40, formerly held by the Honorable Susan Aramony who passed away last month, and her judicial assistant, Darlene (blast from the past as she was Judge Ronald Rothschild former judicial assistant).  Not only are they settling in, they are on the ball and have already posted her procedures which can be viewed at  Make sure you read them, they are chock full of a lot of details and new procedures.

Thank you to my little birdie for another great update for Family Law paralegals!


  • Alicia

    I love these informational posts. And this one was definitely a blast from the past re Darlene as I go even further back with her. She was my supervisor when we both worked in the State Attorney’s Office (Broward) back in 1988!

  • lmcfrp

    Thanks Alicia! This is where I really rely on my readers and friends to help me share information that I wouldn’t normally hear about since I’m a products liability paralegal in Miami… I would never hear about a Family court issue in Broward lol…

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