ATM Reverse Pin for Safety? – FALSE

There has been an email circulating over the past few weeks that claims if you are being robbed and forced to withdraw money from an ATM, that if you enter your PIN backwards it will immediately dispatch the police for you… Not only is this completely untrue, circulating these kind of false “tips” can be dangerous. You want your friends and family members to be armed with information that can actually HELP them if they need it – not false hopes that can seriously backfire. You can read more about this “tip” and the history and true facts behind it here: Fake Reverse Pin Tip

The Snopes website is a really good resource for checking out these kind of tips, they give you all of the variations on the “tip” and then tell you whether it is true or false, AND give you all of the backup as to why it is true or false. PLEASE consider checking out internet email tips/advice to make sure they are accurate BEFORE forwarding them on to your friends or family.