Article: How do those appearing in Florida pro hac vice e-file?

This article is from the April 1, 2013 Florida Bar News. You can see the article on the Florida Bar’s website by clicking here. It is printed in full for your convenience below:

Attorneys who are appearing in a Florida state court pro hac vice also need a number to access the portal.  
“The Florida Bar is assigning numbers after receiving and processing a copy of the motion to appear, with fee, as required by the Rules of Judicial Administration,” said Lori Holcomb, the Bar’s director of client protection. “Until the number is assigned, all pleadings, including the initial motion, will have to be filed by the local Florida attorney designated in the motion.”
For more information, click on the  “E-Filing by Pro Hac Vice Attorneys in Florida State Courts” link at the e-filing resources link on the Bar’s website.

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