Adopt a CopyCat!

Hi everyone, I wanted to share this awesome opportunity to adopt your very own hand raised kitten sponsored by CopyScan. Because these adorable little kitties are being sponsored (and hand raised) by the fine folks at CopyScan, they will be paying for the adoption fee and that means you get a fantastic new family member who is spayed or neutered, has their kitten shots, has their rabies tag and more…. Please read on for more details and please share this information with someone who might be interested. ~ Linda

This sweet threesome of CopyCats are being hand-raised by our chief kitten cuddler. Did you know that hand-raised kittens make very friendly cats – and great pets! Don’t you want one of these cuties?

They have to go back to the county cat jail once they are 2 pounds and adoptable. You can claim one before they have to go back!

Right now, they are soooo small! Tiff weighed 12.5 ounces when she came to us. Penny PDF weighed 14 ounces. Jerry Jpeg weighed in at a whopping 1 lb & 1/2 ounce! They’ll be ready for adoption at the end of September once they weigh 2 pounds.

CopyScan is sponsoring the CopyCat adoption, so it’s FREE to a qualified adopter.

Adoption includes
•All kitten shots
•Broward County rabies tag
•Deworming / Flea & Tick Treatment
•FIV/FeLV negative test

You can stop by the CopyScan Office to see our CopyCats. They change every day as they grow. Call Gina at 954-463-9394 to cuddle a CopyCat.
CopyCats Adoption Flyer


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