A03D13-01 Administrative Order re: Agreed Extensions of Time – Florida 3rd DCA

PLEASE NOTE: This order was amended on June 30, 2015, you can access the amended order here: http://www.3dca.flcourts.org/Clerk/AO3D13-01-Amended.pdf

Effective March 14, parties to appeals in the Third District may stipulate to certain extensions of time for the filing of briefs without the need for a motion and order.  See A03D13-01 attached; the order is also available on the Third District’s website.

  • The rule applies to all Third District Civil appeals, including criminal and civil appeals and dissolutions of marriage.
  • This order does not apply to appeals from adoptions, dependency, termination of parental rights, any expedited or emergency appeal or any original proceedings (including petitions for certiorari, mandamus, prohibition and habeas corpus).
  • The rule allows parties to stipulate to an aggregate total of 120 days for an initial or answer brief, and 60 days for a reply brief.
  • A form of the notice is included in the order.
  • The Notice need not be signed by opposing counsel and no order will be issued from the Court.
  • Any extensions beyond the days allowed by stipulation must be made by motion.

AO3D13-1 Administrative Order

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