A Cover Letter Guide – Industry Sample Cover Letters For Paralegals

Here is a new Kindle book that was just released on November 13, 2012 specifically for paralegals.

The cover letter is a key supporting document to your resume. It gives you the opportunity to highlight your accomplishments in a professional way that shows how you can add value to your employer. It’s not always the easiest document to write but the tips and samples in this book can help you craft a winning cover letter.

If you have Amazon Prime you can access this book for free, otherwise it is $2.99. It is a Kindle book, but you can access it on almost any device including your computer.

A Cover Letter Guide – Industry Sample Cover Letters For Paralegals


  • Sorry – but the best I can say about this ebook is do not use it. The author has done a poor job in the sample resumes. For example: she says to put your high school in the resume – a big no-no. The formatting is inconsistent. For example: CEO/Owner/dates of employment for one job. The next: Title dates of employment. She says bullet-point but she uses asteriks that makes the resumes harder to read.

    Education does not go first on experienced paralegals. It is placed after work history as work history becomes your most valuable asset. For entry-level paralegals, put your education first before work history and your paralegal education is first in the list of education.

    I could go on and on.

  • lmcfrp

    Thanks for your valuable response Chere, you really are a gold mine!! Chere, do you have an update to your Paralegal Career Guide in the works?

  • Hello Linda!
    Yes! There is a new edition, Fifth Edition, of The Paralegal Career Guide in the works as we speak! It is due out around March, 2013. Thanks for asking! (You can get the Fourth Edition at http://www.paralegalknowledge.com).

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