From IPE: Deposition Preparation for Paralegals

Deposition Preparation for Paralegals
guest author: Sheridan Shauntee
Whether the party, the expert, and/or witness is noticed for deposition via attorney communications and agreement, or subpoena, preparation for deposition, just with was all phrases of litigation, can be arduous especially if your case contains multiple individuals and issues of law.

As paralegals we have learned, and with experience come to understand, that depositions are the opportunity for the attorney to obtain further information. By questioning the individuals involved, experts or lay witnesses, attorneys are provided with more content to ultimately present their argument. In doing so, paralegals are usually tasked with continued investigatory duties such as, locating additional individuals, drafting further discovery requests, visiting inspection sites, and continuing interaction with clients.

To prepare for such duties, it would be necessary to ensure that a deposition is successfully attained by:

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