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The Top Ten Tips for Working with Insurance Companiesguest author: Leonard D. Zaccagnino, Esq. and Gail Galfo, Paralegal


I have been practicing law for over 33 years, focusing my practice on representing individuals who have been injured in accidents. A great deal of my time, and my paralegals’ time, are spent communicating with insurance company representatives in an effort to resolve claims. The top ten list which follows has been put together in conjunction with my paralegal extraordinaire, Gail Galfo who, along with myself, have over 60 years of experience working with insurance companies in an effort to resolve claims. I say with no hesitation that without the assistance of the paralegals in my office, we could not have had the success and great results we get for our clients.

Tip 1: Get all the Facts.

Before you can effectively communicate your clients’ position to the insurance company, you must have an all-encompassing understanding of your client’s claim and position. In order to do this, you must meet with your client at length to get all the facts and details necessary to negotiate your client’s claim.

To accomplish this in our practice, we have the client meet with both myself and my paralegal, if possible. We have developed a comprehensive intake sheet that sets forth all the information we need from background information, name, address, telephone numbers and other details and specific facts relevant to the client. We list the date of the incident, what happened, any witness information, investigations performed, injuries and damages sustained, and the like. The more information we have at the outset, the better we will be able to support our client’s position and obtain a favorable result for our client.

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