From IPE: Are You a Softie?

Are You a Softie?
guest author: Kay M. Sowa, EA/CTFA

Got your attention, but how do you answer that question about yourself? There are many different ways in which you could be a softie. So, in what way am I asking that question? Do you have professional soft skills? Let’s consider the following:

  1. LISTENING – Are you a true listener? Or are you formulating what you will next say when the person with whom you are engaged in a conversation takes a breath? Listening is a virtue and on some occasions, the best action is to just listen and enable yourself to fully hear what the other person is saying or perhaps just getting something off their chest to feel better.
  1. MANNERS – Are you polite? Do you utilize those manners your parents attempted to instill in you? Etiquette is, I fear, becoming a lost art, however, as a professional, it is of upmost importance that you be courteous and respectful not only with clients, but with colleagues in the office.

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