From IPE: 12 Quick Tips for Trial Preparation

12 Quick Tips for Trial Preparationguest author: Peggy K. Little

Make a hard copy of every single document to be used at trial and place it in your own personal banker’s box. That includes witness and exhibit lists and resumes. Keep that box under your own lock and key. If time permits, you can also scan the documents and have them stored on a flash drive or external hard drive. In that way, no matter what the attorney loses – you have a backup copy that has never left your possession.

Test the equipment under a variety of circumstances, including the courtroom. Some power point programs may initially start up, but be unable to last for a long period of time because the courtroom electrical current will not sustain the usage. And, some equipment (trust me on this one) may have to be unplugged or plugged in using a specific method. Find that out ahead of time and write down all the steps. You do not want to rely upon your memory while standing in front of a room full of attorneys staring at you.

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