Electronic Discovery Rule Wizard

This great resource helps you navigate the steps of various rules: Rules 16(B) and 26(F) [Meet & Confer] Rule 26(B)(2) [Duty of Disclosure] Rule 26(B)(5) [Privilege Claims] Rule 34 [Forms of Production] Rule 37 [Safe Harbor] http://technology.findlaw.com/electronic-discovery/electronic-discovery-wizard.html#default Join the Forum discussion on this post

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How to Find People on Twitter

Twitter People Search – http://twitter.com/invitations/find_on_twitter Local Tweeps – http://localtweeps.com/ Tweepsearch – http://tweepsearch.com/ Tweepz – http://www.tweepz.com/ Monitter – http://monitter.com/ Twellow – http://www.twellow.com/ WeFollow – http://wefollow.com/ Just Tweet It – http://justtweetit.com/ Twitter for Busy People – http://t4bp.com/index.html TwitPipe – http://twitpipe.com/ Join the Forum discussion on this post

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